Baking Mold Mooncake Chinese Language Mold Unique Moldle - fortune

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Material: high quality beechwood

Unique design: the product employ Chinese language as pattern

Lucky - if you make this pattern on your cake, it means you will be lucky

Fortune - means you will have fortune in the furture

Long Life-means living a long life

Happy- means some good things gonna happen

For the blessing meaning of the product, they are great to serve to celebrated holidays, weddings and births-- if you make the pattern on something as a gift to others, you are giving your best wishes to others

Suitable for candy, muffins, cake, biscuit, cookie


Before the first time you use the product, you can use the cotton to wipe the product; then painting a layer of vegetable oil for 12 hours to aginst mildew insted of watering it.

Everytime you use it, immediate cleaning, drying and painting oil rather than soaking is better to ensure the long-service time of the product.


It is not applicable to dishwasher, dryer and microwave oven, so do not place it in high temperature zone.

For odorous or darker food, the smell and color may be transferred to the wood to cause discoloration.

Due to manual grinding, there may be slightly frivolous, oil will be improved after.

Each pattern carving will be nuanced, but not affect the appearance and use.

As wood products, there are some wood and wood knot are reasonable.

Size Chart:

Dimension: approx. 22cm*11cm*2cm/ 8.66 ' '


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