AB 300 kBTU Heat Exchanger for Outdoor Wood Boiler/Swimming Pool/Solar/Spa/w chlorinated Water, Stainless Steel 316L Opposite Ports 2" & 1 1/2" FPT

  • Model: 9SIAE2GBPU1812
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More information :

Swimming pool applications (everyday use): Pool
size: up to 18, 000
Gallons Heating rate: 1oF/hr (pool water)
Flow rates: 9 GPM (boiler side) / 65 GPM (pool side) *numbers based on a 122oF difference between liquids. For occasional use (i. e. weekends), a unit with x2 times the BTU output is recommended to increase heating rate to 2oF/hr.
BTU Capacity: 210, 000 BTU (210 kBTU)
Tube side connections (boiler/straight-through): 1-1/2" Female NPT Shell side connections (pool/side outlets): 1-1/2


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